Interview, RCI

Documentary: Quebec My Country Mon Pays

By Marc Montgomery, Radio Canada International

Filmmaker and former Montrealer John Walker discusses his film, Quebec My Country Mon Pays, and the hundreds of thousands of English Montrealers who reluctantly felt they had to leave Quebec.

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Interview, Cult Montreal

Quebec My Country Mon Pays paints a conflicted portrait

By Alex Rose, Cult Montreal

John Walker discusses the challenges of telling a personal story, but recognizes how it helped him address a tumultuous period in both his own history and in Canada’s.

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Interview, Médium large

Un documentaire sur l’exil des Anglos-Québécois qui ne fait pas l’unanimité

With Stéphan Bureau, Radio-Canada

In Quebec My Country Mon Pays, filmmaker John Walker takes a historical and personal look at the 1960s and 1970s, which saw the birth of the independence movement and Quebec identity affirmation. These movements prompted many Anglo-Quebecers, including the filmmaker’s parents, to leave. According to Patricia Boushel, however, one of the problems with the documentary is that it deals with a reality that is no longer representative of the current situation between anglophones and francophones.

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Interview, Le Devoir: L’inconfort de la différence

Le cinéaste John Walker se penche avec émotion sur la fracture linguistique au Québec

By Jean Dion, Le Devoir

John Walker discusses his new documentary, Quebec My Country Mons Pays, a lament over his decision to leave his home province of Québec amid the mass migration of several hundred thousand anglophones from the 1960s to the 1990s.

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