Chambers: Tracks And Gestures


57 mins, 1982
Portrait of the celebrated Canadian artist and experimental filmmaker, Jack Chambers who died at the peak of his career from leukemia. (CBC broadcast)


  • Canadian Film & Television Association Award – Best Documentary
  • Yorkton Film Festival – Golden Sheaf Awards – Best Film of Festival and Best Human Condition
  • American Film Festival – Blue Ribbon
  • Houston Film Festival – Bronze Award
  • Canadian Film Editors – Best Editing
  • Canadian Society of Cinematographers – Best Documentary Photography


  • Director: John Walker
  • Writers: Seaton Findlay, Christopher Lowry
  • Cinematographer: John Walker, csc
  • Editor: Sally Patterson
  • Sound: Aerlyn Weissman, David Springbett, Andy McBrearty, Robin Russell, Richard Lightstone
  • Music: Larry Crosley
  • Narrator: Cedric Smith
  • Producer: Christopher Lowry
  • Executive Producers: Michael MacMillan, Janice Platt, Seaton McLean
  • Production Company: Atlantis Films Inc.